Antique Flemish Renaissance Bookcase

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97H x 80.5W x 22D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique Flemish Renaissance Bookcase towers to just over eight feet high, and features capacious display on top, with discreet storage available in the four cabinets below.  The intricate bas relief carving on the crown complements the tailored molded detail on the cabinets below, which features raised carved panels.  The tier of four drawers between the glazed upper section and the cabinets below has been carved with cornucopias bursting forth with Renaissance-inspired bas relief carvings, and the cornucopias meet in the middle at the keyhole, with no pulls or bales to distract from the sculpture.  Hand-crafted from old growth oak to last for centuries!
Circa 1900-1910
Measures 97H x 80.5W x 22D