Early 19th Century Dutch Rustic Bookshelf ~ Etagere

2006-912133 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

63.5H x 64.5W x 11.5D

Location: Dallas


Early 19th Century Dutch Rustic Bookshelf ~ Etagere was hand-crafted with what are today considered primitive tools out of solid, old-growth oak which is much harder than the oaks used in furniture, cabinetry and flooring today.  Imagine how much effort and talent it took to scribe the intricate scrolled form of each side panel, then fit four shelves and cross the back with chamfered raised & recessed panels so that the piece remains visually fetching regardless of how full the shelves may be.  Across the top lies the intriguing aspect of this instant family heirloom ~ the date in Latin of 1831, no doubt commemorating an important family milestone such as a wedding or birthdate.  The boldly molded crown provides an apt finishing touch across the top.  The narrow nature of this design makes it exceptionally design-friendly, allowing its use along hallway walls, cozy rooms or high-traffic spaces like kitchens or family rooms.  The four display shelves allow one to show off the family's finest, photos, trophies or other precious memorabilia.
Dated 1831
Measures 63.5H x 64.5W x 11.5D