Mid-Century Mahogany Office Set by De Coene of Courtrai ~ Bookcase, Desk, Armchair

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69.5H x 79W x 18D (bookcase)

Location: Dallas


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Mid-Century Mahogany Office Set by De Coene of Courtrai ~ Bookcase, Desk, Armchair is an exceptional set that has remained together all these years to create a one-of-a-kind look for your office suite!  Using sapele mahogany veneering as the primary source of visual appeal, the artisans of De Coene created a modernistic framework with strong use of angular design.  The bookcase with its multiple original shelves features three glazed doors and three capacious file drawers with brass pulls.  The same pulls were used on the drawers for the desk, topped with three segments of faux leather, with the same faux leather being used for the armchair.  Brass tips on the legs with brass collars on the legs of the bookcase and desk add a nice touch.  The desk if finished on all four sides making it ideal for placement in the middle of the room if so desired!
Established 1887, De Coene was a family business inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement. Surviving the ravages of WWI, it became internationally acclaimed for Art Deco furniture. De Coene increased their line to include a wide array of residential and commercial furnishings, quickly becoming one of Belgium’s most important interior and furniture manufacturers. Then came WWII, when the complex was repeatedly struck by bombs, but recovered in the decade following the war. Specializing in high-quality selections created by famous designers, De Coene increased its international notability, and is considered one of the premier European makers of fine furnishings and interior décor to this day.
Circa 1960s

Desk measures 30H x 68.5W x 35D
Bookcase measures 69.5H x 79W x 18D
Armchair measures 40H x 25W x 25D; seat 22H

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