Antique 145 Piece Set of French Faience by Keller & Guerin ~ Old Strasbourg Pattern

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Antique 145 Piece Set of French Faience by Keller & Guerin "Old Strasbourg" pattern from the late 19th century is an exceptional example of the porcelain arts, with individually hand-painted pieces in fine soft pinks and reds, lush greens and provencial yellows, all executed on a fine white background with subtle contours for a truly lovely effect.  What an elegant way to entertain in style!
Circa 1880s
Keller & Guerin was a family business producing flow blue, mulberry, and polychrome faience from the 19th to early 20th centuries.  Jacques Chambrette built his first factory in 1728 in Luneville in the Lorraine Province close to the River Muse.  Chambrette began exporting to Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.  Chambrette opened a second factory in Saint-Clement in 1758.  In 1786 the Luneville factory was bought by Sebastien Keller from the descendants of Jacques Chambrette.  Around 1832 the son of Sebastien Keller and brother-in-law Guerin assumed control.  This partnership resulted in the mark K&G and the company lasted for 137 years.
Measurements as follows:
83 Dinner Plates ~ 9.5" in diameter
40 Lunch Plates ~ 8.5" in diameter
3 Asparagus Plates ~ 10" in diameter
1 Covered Tureen ~ 7H x 10W x 8D
1 Open Tureen ~ 4H x 10W x 8D
1 Small Tureen ~ 8H x 9W x 7D
2 Round Vegetable Bowls ~ 2.5H x 11.5 in diameter
2 Round Platters ~ 13.5 in diameter
2 Round Platters ~ 11.5 in diameter
Square Vegetable Bowl ~ 3.5H x 9W x 9D
2 Cake Stands ~ 4.5H x 9.5 in diameter
4 Oval Hors D'Oeuvres Plates ~ 1.5H x 9W x 5.5D
Large Oval Platter ~ 2H x 17.5W x 12D
Medium Oval Platter ~ 1.5H x 15W x 10.5D
Small Oval Platter ~ 2H x 13.5W x 9.5D

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