18th Century French Rustic Writing Table

2003-912649 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

28H x 49W x 33.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century French Rustic Writing Table was crafted from a country home, probably owned by a noble or dignitary, who brought some of the concepts of convenient and "modern" living to his rural estate.  In this case it appears in the form of a writing table, essential to all men and women of letters, as the hand-written letter, card or missive was the sole method of long distance communication.  Hand-crafted by local artisans from the available indigenous old-growth oak, it features a technique of affixing the top borrowed from Flemish woodworkers, a feature that made the top removable for ease in transport, if so desired.  The edges have been rounded on the top to make this piece exceptionally traffic-friendly and capable of placement in the center of the room if desired.  A full width drawer provides copious storage, and support is provided by four single-timber scrolled legs for elegant simplicity.
Circa 1750s
Measures 28H x 49W x 33.5D