19th Century French Renaissance Writing Table with Dolphins

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30.5H x 41W x 24D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Renaissance Writing Table with Dolphins is a splendid example of the majesty of Old World craftsmanship that flourished during the Renaissance Revival of the mid-19th century in Europe.  Sculpted from dense, old-growth oak, it features a double-beveled top with mitered corners so that sharp corners are eliminated, making it very traffic friendly in the middle of the room.  That's where you'll want it, because this beauty is carved and finished completely on all four sides!  A full width drawer is concealed in the apron on one side, with identical carving on the reverse side, and complementary carvings on a different scale on each side apron.  The mitered corners are fitted with full relief carvings of lions with brass rings, presiding over the upper plinths carved with acanthus plumes and fitted with carved pendant finials.  The apron on the long sides is finished with foliate flourish corbels on the corners, while the side aprons are a series of arches with carved rosettes and acorn motif pendant finials.  A pair of inverted carved urn pediments provide support, which are in turn affixed to the "H" structure below.  That "H" structure features a fully carved trellis connecting the extended feet which are sculpted to depict four dolphins, revered by legend in France, especially Paris, since the middle of the first millennium.
Circa 1860s
Measures 30.5H x 41W x 24D

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