Art Deco Period Grand Oak Desk

2515-581231A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

32.5H X 82.5W x 30D

Location: Dallas


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Art Deco Period Grand Oak Desk is a splendid example of ingenuity, tailored architecture, and modern lines!  Featuring an intriguing design with abundant storage and a generous writing surface, all on an ergonomically designed curved format which was made before the word "ergonomic" was even coined!  Handcrafted in France using time-honored cabinetry techniques from solid oak, this desk was designed to last for generations!

Art Deco design is a modern re-interpretation of classicism: pieces in this style are symmetrical, rectilinear and clean-lined. Art Deco furniture carving and ornament is relatively subdued; the look is pared-down and streamlined; wood is detailed with refined geometric shapes — spheres, trapezoids, chevrons. Works in the Art Deco style mainly achieve visual delight via their rich and exotic materials.

The term Art Deco is derived from the name of the 1925 Paris exhibition that brought the style to worldwide attention.

Circa 1940s

Measures 32.5H X 82.5W x 30D