Vintage Spanish Colonial Desk

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30H x 57W x 27.5D; knee clearance 25.5H

Location: Dallas


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Vintage Spanish Colonial Desk was designed to follow the style dictates that date back centuries on the Iberian Peninsula!  Using thick planks of old-growth yellow pine, the artisans created a multitude of raised, chamfered panels which were positioned into the intricate framework to create a special visual effect.  Even the sides were treated to the same construction design, plus accented with corbels just underneath the thick, plank top.  Forged steel strap hinges, pendant pulls and latch handles add a rustic touch.  Finished all around, it's a great choice for a home office and can be positioned anywhere in the room!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 30H x 57W x 27.5D; knee clearance 25.5H