19th Century Country French Elmwood Farm Table

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31H x 84.5W x 32D

Location: Baton Rouge


$3,887 $5,980

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19th Century Country French Elmwood Farm Table is a testament to the Old School craftsmen who used what today are considered primitive tools to fashion very long-lasting furniture from the local indigenous materials.  Elmwood remains in abundance to this day, and is a great hardwood from which to make durable items.  In this example, sold planks were used to create the top, with a supporting apron all around fitted with two drawers ~ one at the center and one on the side ~ along with four timbers on each corner serving as legs.  The legs are joined to the apron with pegged mortise & tenons.  At some point the legs were extended to accommodate taller diners, which is very common in old tables like this example.  Ideal for the casual decor, and perfect as a breakfast table!
Circa 1870s
Measures 31H x 84.5W x 32D; knee clearance 24H