Antique Framed Oil Painting on Board by Stan Peet (1888-1966)

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12H x 9.5W x 1D

Location: Dallas


Antique Framed Oil Painting on Board by Stan Peet (1888-1966) is a rare example of the artist's efforts at impressionist-inspired painting.  Here he has chosen one of the ubiquitous tree-lined country roads found throughout Europe, some of which have been traveled for over a thousand years.  The Autumn scene mixes colors of the fading summer with the golden and reddish hues of the Fall with splendid effect, with the tree canopy dominating the scene except for the inviting little dirt road that invites one into the composition to lead to an obviously charming rural destination.  Survives in its original frame.
Stan Peet (born Constant Edouard Peet) was a Belgian artist who was born in Borgerhout in 1888 and died in Berchem in 1966.  His primary interest was as a sculptor and medalist, therefore paintings like this example are somewhat rare.  Training in jewelry sculpture at the Academy in Antwerp, then enduring the "Great War", once that conflict was over and later called World War I, he worked his way up to being a renowned sculptor.  He was a designer of busts, portraits, figures, compositions, bas-reliefs.  Peet participated in the Triennial Salon in Antwerp in 1926.
Circa 1920s
Measures 12H x 9.5W x 1D