Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Raphael Dubois (1888-1960)

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32H x 28W x 1.5D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Raphael Dubois (1888-1960) informally entitled "Impasse Animée d' Dame", translated to Colorful Lady at a Dead End, was painted in 1941.  Dubois was obviously attempting to ignore the current geopolitical situation at that time in Belgium, much to his credit.  Those familiar with some of the back alleyways in so many European towns can relate ~ sometimes one takes a wrong turn and has to backtrack!  Exquisitely rendered with multiple techniques, Dubois has created a tri-panel effect in the scene, and even in this style one can sense the momentary confusion of the subject of his art.  Splendid use of pastel colors indicate a cloudy day with diffuse light, rendered in the post-impressionist style.  Survives in its original frame.
Raphael Dubois (1888-1960) was born in Liege and in 1902 he enrolled at the age of fourteen at the Academy of Liege where he studied under Evariste Carpentier.
Dated 1941
Measures 32H x 28W x 1.5D