Antique Framed Pastel Painting by Gastin Cox

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37H x 55W x 3D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Framed Pastel Painting by Gastin Cox "Dunes en Campigne" depicts the area just inland of the shoreline where trees are able to establish a foothold in the sandy soil.  Survives in its original frame. 
A pastel is an art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of powdered pigment and a binder. The pigments used in pastels are similar to those used to produce some other colored visual arts media, such as oil paints; the binder is of a neutral hue and low saturation. The color effect of pastels is closer to the natural dry pigments than that of any other process. Pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance, and gained considerable popularity in the 18th century, when a number of notable artists made pastel their primary medium.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 37H x 55W x 3D