Antique Oil Painting on Canvas by Adrien Wernaers

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22H x 17.5W

Location: Dallas


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Antique Oil Painting on Canvas by Adrien Wernaers (1899-1977) is a wonderful rustic cityscape with subtle coloration and splendid composition.  Typical of the artist's work, it showcases the intriguing perspective of village life that is still at large on the Continent, with all the accompanying charm therin!

Adrien Wernaers was born in Mechelen in 1899 and died in Anderlecht in 1977.  During his education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, he received lessons from ~ among others ~ Herman Richir and Alfred Bastien. Their influence would always remain visible in his work.  Wernaers painted landscapes, compositions, cityscapes and figures and a 'Madonna with child'.

Traveling and painting in Italy he realized a large series of landscape paintings, but he mainly worked in Belgium, especially in the western edge of the Pajottenland, and more specifically in the Pedé Valley, in which Pieter Bruegel the Elder once found inspiration.  A number of Wernaers' works were purchased by the Belgian State or belong to the collection of the municipality of Anderlecht. In addition, they are still in high demand by national and international art collectors. 

Adrien's brother was also a well known painter from Brussels: Urbain Wernaers (1888 - 1981) and was known for his cityscapes and forest views and landscapes.  He was affiliated with Le Soir.  In 1931, he took part in the "Expo de la lithographie belge contemporaine"  at the Royal Library of Belgium. His works were published in the directories of 'Le Musée de Livre' (1928-29).

Circa latter 1900s

Measures 22H x 17.5W

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