Early 19th Century Framed Lithograph by Jean Baptiste Madou (1796-1877)

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17.5H x 20.5W

Location: Baton Rouge


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Early 19th Century Framed Lithograph by Jean Baptiste Madou (1796-1877) is a remarkable work depicting the life of an aristocrat of 18th century France.  A gathering of ladies & gentlemen in the gardens just outside a Greek Revival manoir in the background is illustrative of the formality of the event, the activities such as reading and personal interaction, and the elaborate clothing worn during the period.  Of special interest in this detailed work is the bordering around the picture, which displays Roman references including Romulus and Remus, SPQR, fascis, and dozens of other symbols of ancient Roman civilization.
Circa 1820s
Measures 17.5H x 20.5W
Jean Baptiste Madou (1796-1877) was a prominent painter and lithographer, and studied art at the Brussels Academy under Celestin Francois.  His early lithograph sets earned him notable attention and included Un voyage picturesque dans les Pays-Bas (1821-1828), Costumes Belgiques (1830) and Scenes de la vie des Peintres de l'Ecole Flamande (1840).  However, beginning around 1840 Madou focused his attentions almost entirely on painting.  In these efforts he attained significant acclaim for his domestic and genre scenes.  Madou is still displayed to this day in museums in both Antwerp and Brussels.