Framed Oil Painting by Felix de Boeck (1898-1995), ca. 1920s

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25.5H x 21.5W

Location: Dallas


Framed Oil Painting by Felix de Boeck, ca. 1920s is a stunning work combining the cityscape with landscape features focusing on the town's church at its center, with an old dirt road leading through the village.  Human interest is evident as the figures appear to be heading to mass.  One of his earlier pieces, the artist's skillful use of color and subtle contrast make this one of his seminal works.  Survives in its original fancy gilded frame.
You have to understand Félix De Boeck more as a painter who devoted himself to the agricultural lifestyle than to have the romantic representation of a farmer who painted. His works are all the more remarkable given his chosen profession as a farmer and the sheer physical demands of that vocation.  Still having the energy to explore his artistic talent after a day filled with chores is an inspiration to us all!
In 1970 De Boeck became a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. In 1995, he laid the foundation stone of the FeliXart museum dedicated to him at Drogenbos. He died shortly after at the age of 97.

Circa 1920s
Measures 25.5H x 21.5W