Framed Oil Painting on Board by Joseph Lagasse (1878-1962)

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19H x 23W x 1D

Location: Dallas


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Framed Oil Painting on Board by Joseph Lagasse (1878-1962) is a superlative still life work wherein the artist has demonstrated his skill depicting fruit, flowers, and hand-painted porcelain vases, all in one work!  Surviving in its original matching frame colored to blend with the charcoal background above the table surface, the backdrop is perfect for setting off the colors of the fresh tulips, the brass pail which was used to go buy fruit at the market, and the rich jewel tones of the apples and grapes in the foreground.
Joseph Lagasse painted in the Liège region and studied the principles of The Beaux-Arts.  He had an artist brother as well, Marcel Lagasse (1880-1974), who was a noted landscape painter.  In addition to his still life paintings, Joseph Lagasse also specialized in his beloved landscapes around Liège and the Ardennes forest, both of which have inspired thousands of painters over the centuries.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 19H x 23W x 1D