Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Andre Fecherolle (1911-)

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48H x 67.5W x 3D

Location: Dallas


Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Andre Fecherolle (1911-) is a panoramic composition glorifying "The Bayard Rock", an unusual geological formation along the bank of the Meuse River near Dinant, which is located in the historical Walloon province in what is today eastern Belgium.  The picturesque region is awash with breathtaking scenery, but the artist has chosen this particular curiosity of nature as the object of his attentions, lending a deft brush and intriguing texture beginning in the immediate foreground with the wild grasses along the bank, continuing throughout the work into the interesting dabble style depiction of the almost cloudless sky.  Fecherolle has also shown his mastery of reflection in the surface of the placid river which became a household name during the "Great War" as the European powers clashed all along its shores.  Survives in its original frame.
Circa 1960s
Measures 48H x 67.5W x 3D