Original Oil Painting On Canvas, titled : “Country Cottage” By Henri Joseph Pauwels (1903-1983)

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28H x 35W, canvas 23H x 30.5W

Location: Baton Rouge


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Beautiful art on canvas and survived in a great condition, old oil painting by H.J. Pauwels, painting is titled : “Country Cottage”. Henri Joseph Pauwels (1903-1983) the renowned Flemish painter, born in Edegem, Antwerp province. He received art education in the private studios in Antwerp. He mostly known for large canvases of romantic landscapes of country villages, still lives and cityscape of harbors and genre paintings. He lived and worked in Antwerp, Belgium. In his early work he followed the academic style, later he turned to Impressionism, achieved considerable success in the transferral of light effects. His works were of great demand among the contemporaries not only in Belgium but also in France and in the Netherlands.

Measures 28H x 35W, canvas 23H x 30.5W.

Circa mid-1900's