Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Walter Kopp (1877-1953)

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51.5H x 39.5W x 3D

Location: Dallas


Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Walter Kopp (1877-1953) is a stunning rendition of the exquisite countryside of the Frankenwold near Steinachklamm.  Kopp was renowned for his panoramic landscape vistas, and this example rendered on a vertical orientation makes it all the more desirable and wondrous to behold!  Deft brush strokes capture the subdued light from the cloudy sky transitioning into the projections of the treeline which frame the starkness of the exposed rock face.  The water feature running through the center of the composition creates an inviting entryway, with a little footbridge as an added visual treat at the center.  Note the skillful use of shadow to indicate the viewer is surrounded by the mountainous terrain.  Survives in its original frame.
Originally framed and sold through art dealer Gabriel Van Thienen in Bruxelles, back when phone numbers were only 6 digits...
Circa early 1900s.
Measures 51.5H x 39.5W x 3D