Framed Oil Painting on Panel by Leon Jamin (1872-1944)

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21H x 24.5W x 1D

Location: Dallas


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Framed Oil Painting on Panel by Leon Jamin (1872-1944) is another example of the artist's fine post-impressionistic works capturing the natural beauty of the rolling hillside in what is today's Eastern Belgium.  In this work Jamin has created special visual interest in his depicting of the windswept clouds with shadowplay on the hills in the distance. Jamin was known for his landscape paintings, especially of the regions around the Kempen and the Ardennes Forests. He was born in Liège in 1872, and died there in 1944. He was a pupil of Carpentier and Adrien de Witte at the Academy of Liège. He traveled and worked in both Spain and Provence.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 21H x 24.5W x 1D