Mid-Century Framed Original Painting on Canvas by Joseph Tilleux (1896-1978)

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32.5H x 35W

Location: Baton Rouge


Mid-Century Framed Original Painting on Canvas of Italian Alps by Joseph Tilleux of Antwerp (1896-1978)

Born in the Belgium city of Antwerp, Tilleux worked briefly, after his formal schooling, as a draftsman but chose to pursue a more artistic career. After his studies and apprenticeship at the Academy of Antwerp, he settled in the picturesque Flemish artists' village of Lier, Belgium.  There he found an abundance of inspiration in the historic town and neighboring countryside, rivers and countless charming villages. He was fortunate to study under of Franz Courtens, Frans Hens and Albert Ciamberlani ~ all famous Dutch and Flemish painters of the period.  He worked in the studio of Isidore Opsomer of Lier through 1921, and was friends with Felix Timmermans (another famous Flemish author and painter) as well as Louis Van Boeckel (an incredible metalsmith of the early 20th century). His artwork is characterized by a wide variety of subjects: portraits, still lives, church interiors, and his works were interspersed with river views of the Scheldt and images of the abundantly beautiful Flemish landscapes.  His early works are characterized by dark coloration, painted before 1935 instead of the pure, bright colors that he is known for in his later paintings after WWII in the 40’s, 50’s, an 60’s. Tilleux also traveled in Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands, which resulted in numerous paintings from those locations.  His works have been and are displayed in several museums: The Royal Academy of Antwerp, among others.
Circa 1950s
Measures 32.5H x 35W

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