Oil Painting on Canvas by Irene Barsin (1917-2004)

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23.5H x 27.5W x 1D

Location: Dallas


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Oil Painting on Canvas by Irene Barsin (1917-2004) depicts an intriguing mountain crest that is part of the Alpine range known locally as "Le Dent" or The Tooth, for obvious reasons!  The scene is set at mid-day and is so noted on the back of the canvas by the artist herself.  Barsin has captured the moment of high noon, where a slope in the immediate foreground is in shadow, contrasting the snow-capped peak that is the subject of the work, with a misty, surrounding range forming a perfect back drop.  Barsin has ably used bold brush strokes to create sunlit meadows, shadows from passing clouds, and a sky that almost appears to be in motion.
Irene Barsin was a well regarded figurative, landscape and still life painter.  She painted her environment in Eastern Belgium as well as the exquisite countryside on her travels to Brittany or Provence.
Circa late 1900s
Measures 23.5H x 27.5W x 1D