Pair 19th Century Religious Framed Oil Paintings on Board

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12H x 11.5W

Location: Dallas


Pair 19th Century Religious Framed Oil Paintings on Board depict scenes from the bible of Moses and the Burning Bush, plus Jesus at the well with a repentant sinner, according to the Gospel of St. John.  In the parable, it was considered unacceptable at the time for Jews and Samaritans to speak to one another, especially in public, showing how Jesus transcended human stereotypes and prejudices.  He revealed to her in the conversation that he was aware of her having had 5 husbands and currently living with another man with whom she wasn't married.  She was understandably dumbfounded by his clairvoyance.  The water from the well was offered to her as living water to slake the thirst in her soul.  Instantly converted to a follower, she returned to her people to spread the word of the long-awaited Messiah.

As any artist will tell you, painting on board is more difficult due to the hardness of the surface, among other factors, but if properly preserved will last longer than canvas and retain colors better over the centuries.  The pair remains in superb condition and survives with its original elaborate frames.

Circa 1880s

Each measures 12H x 11.5W