Set of Three 19th Century French Framed Lithographs

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16.5H x 12.5W

Location: Baton Rouge


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Set of Three 19th Century French Framed Lithographs entitled "La Terre", "L' Air" and "Le Feu" are literally translated to Earth, Wind and Fire, which represent three of the four Classical Greek elements excluding only "L'Eau" or water.  Expressed in the romantic style, each lithograph has been meticulously hand-colored, matted and framed to make an excellent combination for decorative purposes.  The scene depicting earth centers on the bounty derived therefrom, the air is represented in the enjoyment of outdoors and musical delights transmitted through the air, and a bonfire celebration is truly a romanticized depiction of one of the most destructive yet beneficial entities known to mankind!
(It may be a coincidence that these three were chosen for this collection in honor of one of the most influential and innovative musical groups of all time!)
Circa 1880s
Each measures 16.5H x 12.5W