Antique Art Nouveau French Spelter Statue of Cupid

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23H x 11W x 7D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique Art Nouveau French Spelter Statue of Cupid, the mischievous Angel of Love, is entitled "Badinage", which is French for dalliance, or flirting.  Such subjects were all the rage during the Belle Epoque, and continue to be a source of admiration today.  Cast in spelter and given a patinaed bronze finish with gold highlights on the nameplate, it exhibits remarkable detail from the tousled hair to the roses on the ground at Cupid's feet.  Usually the Angel is depicted with his bow, but here the artist chose to have him holding his carquois de fleche, or quiver of arrows, in a neoclassical design that contrasts with the Art Nouveau styling of flowing, naturalistic effect.

Measures 23H x 11W x 7D

Circa early 1900s