18th Century Oudenaarde Tapestry

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87H x 40W

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Oudenaarde Tapestry is a work of art produced by the master weavers of the region in what was then called Flanders.  Works from the area were in demand the world over, including kings, dukes, earls and other nobles who wanted the best quality to adorn their chateaux and castles, while at the same time providing a softer texture and warmth to the otherwise cold stone walls.  The subject of this artistry is a lush forest with a vibrant tree with vines in the immediate foreground, so beautifully rendered by master loomers it almost seems to come to life!

As of this writing, a companion tapestry by the same weavers is still available if you act fast!  See Related Items below left.

Circa 1780s

Measures 87H x 40W