18th Century Delft Blue & White Lidded Urn

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17H x 8.5W x 7D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Delft Blue & White Lidded Urn is a delightful example of Dutch porcelains from the period, with luxurious cobalt blue hand-painted onto the graceful faceted form.  The primary scene is of a fete or street party wherein townsfolk would celebrate together as a family at the village center.  The tradition is carried out in French speaking communities in the Americas to this day as a fais-do-do.  The idyllic scene is enhanced with charming scenery surrounding the square, and the banner honoring the village's patron saint hanging at left.  Gorgeous stylized florals, foliates and baroque-inspired bordering cover the entire work, as many times such a family heirloom would be placed on the fireplace mantel in front of a mirror such that the back side would be visible.  Original lid depicts an avian theme.
Circa 1780s
Measures 17H x 8.5W x 7D