Antique Chinese Bronze Jardiniere ~ Decorative Planter

2301-22518A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

15H x 15.5W x 12D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Chinese Bronze Jardiniere ~ Decorative Planter is a magnificent feat of sculpture in solid bronze that will provide pleasure for your family for generation after generation!  The main body of the vessel features a bold full-relief sculpture of a fierce dragon that encircles the entire perimeter of the form, with intricate surrounding detail and lifelike realism for such a fantastic, supposedly fictional, beast!  The top of the opening is guarded with a finely detailed pierced rim, with handles on each side also figured in the shapes of dragons as if they were guarding the entrance.  The base below is another wonderfully artistic example, with molded trim, pierced apron and four legs with dragons and animal paw feet.  Place anywhere in the room, and if against a wall, perhaps in front of a mirror so everyone can appreciate the artistry in the round!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 15H x 15.5W x 12D