Pair 19th Century Cobalt Porcelain & Bronze Vases

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11.5H x 5.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


Pair of 19th Century Cobalt & Bronze Vases represent the epitome of the genre, with the luxurious deep cobalt blue porcelain, named after the mineral cobalt which imparts the unique color.  Surrounded in cast bronze for opulence, the pair will make the perfect accent pieces for your favorite room!  Original tin liners have remained with the pair, which is highly unusual given their good condition.  The liners ensured no leakage from fresh flowers or greenery would get to the mantel, buffet or table surface upon which these magnificent artifacts were placed.
The earliest known example of cobalt aluminate glass dates to a lump from about 2000BC in ancient Mesopotamia, very possibly intended for use as a pigment; it then became rare until the "modern" era.  About five centuries later cobalt oxide smalt appears as a pigment in Egyptian pottery, and soon after in the Aegean region, and this is the pigment normally known as simply "smalt".  In paintings, smalt has a tendency to lose its color over a long period and is therefore little used today.  However, used in ceramics for underglaze decoration it keeps its color well protected by the outer glazing, and is the primary blue used in blue and white pottery from a wide range of dates and areas, including Chinese blue and white porcelain from the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Renaissance Italian majolica and Delftware.

Circa 1890s

Each measures 11.5H x 5.5 in diameter

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