Pair 19th Century Hand-Painted Faience Lidded Urns

2006-912873 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

22H x 13W x 12D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Hand-Painted Faience Lidded Urns are masterpieces of the porcelain crafter's art!  The intricate shapes of the urns borrows from classical architecture with a Renaissance flair expressed in the satyrs with rams' horns that adorn the sides of each urn.  Artistically painted from the top of the lids to the flare of the bases, there are four scenes depicted surrounded by elaborate foliate and floral bordering creating a framework.  One scene shows a seaside scene with gaff-rigged fishing vessel, another shows a square-rigged vessel in a similar setting.  A third scene shows a group engaging in the harvest, and the fourth scene shows the group at rest under the shade of the trees.  Beautiful cobalt blues and earthy brown tones were used to such a wonderful effect the scenes seem to come to life!
Circa 1870s
Each measures 22H x 13W x 12D