19th Century French Louis XV Rosewood QUEEN Bed

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Accepts Queen Size Mattress Set!

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Louis XV Rosewood QUEEN Bed is a superlative example of late 19th century master craftsmanship!  Created from the king of woods, rosewood was considered the finest among the exotics imported from the Americas beginning in the 18th century.  Hard, durable, and naturally resistant to the elements, rosewood has a distinctive coloration that does not require staining, and when sanded or cut with a fine-bladed saw emits a smell akin to fresh roses, hence the name.  This example is a splendid expression of the Rococo style championed by King Louis XV, with stylized shell bursting forth from the arched headboard crown, flanked with floral sprays.  Acanthus plumes and shells adorn the shoulders as well as the footboard from crown to base.  Even the side rails are appropriately carved to match!  Carefully and meticulously extended to accommodate a modern Queen size mattress set by our expert in-house staff, this jewel is poised to endear itself to your family for many generations to come!
Circa 1880s
Accepts Queen Size Mattress Set!
Headboard measures 60H x 60.5W; footboard is 36H x 60.5W; 90D overall