19th Century French Napoleon III Period QUEEN Bed

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Accepts QUEEN Mattress Set!

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19th Century French Napoleon III Period QUEEN Bed represents the epitome of the Revival of the Late Renaissance in France during the waning years of the Epoch.  Hand-crafted using time-honored techniques and masterful artisanry from only the finest old growth oak, it would have been the pride of the Lord and Lady of the Manoir in their Master Bedroom!  The headboard by comparison is relatively tailored, with fine rosette, finial and column details designed to accentuate the bedding placed upon the mattress.  As one's eyes move lower, however, one sees the artfully turned and carved columns transform into charming figurines of musicians!  The same motif flanks the footboard, but on the way, lavish full relief carvings of foliates grace the entire length of the side rails on both sides.  The complementary hand-carved full relief scenery on the two footboard panels are both works of the sculptor's art in their own right with the left one depicting cherubs at play, and the right one depicting supposedly the same individuals studying science and the arts!
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Circa 1870s
Accepts QUEEN Size Mattress Set!
Headboard measures 66H x 64W; footboard is 48.5H x 63W; overall length 92"