Pair 19th Century French Louis XVI Beds/ King Size Bed

2107-1637C (Click to Inquire About This Item)

54H x 90W x 82L

Location: Baton Rouge


Pair 19th Century French Louis XVI Beds that Join Together will make the perfect addition to your bedroom!  Made prior to the standardization of bed sizes, together they are wide enough, but the gap between the head and footboards is not quite long enough for a standard modern king size mattress set.  Our amazing in-house craftsmen can make that happen for a nominal additional fee.  This set was created from dense, old-growth oak and features the classical lines of the revival enhanced by glorious relief carvings of floral wreaths, garlands, and ribbon with beaded molding trim and banded wheat molding providing a framework.  Under the headboard's crown molding also appears egg & dart molding.  For a look that truly will never go out of style, the pair were also designed to join together so they can operate as individual twin beds or be joined to make one large bed, as your needs may change over the years.  The sheer natural beauty and patina of the wood shine forth thanks to our proprietary stripping process ensuring this bed set will endear itself to your family for many generations to come!
Circa 1890s
Headboards each measure 54H x 45W; joined they're 90W
Footboards each measure 36H x 43W; joined they're 86W
Total bed length is 82L; interior length between head and footboards is 79L

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