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Celebrate Savings on Fabulous Antiques for Mardi Gras

mardi gras antiquesLaissez les bons temps rouler!
For Mardi Gras we’re throwing you something to celebrate – Incredible savings!
Roll on down to our Baton Rouge store for Mardi Gras & enjoy sale pries like no other!
Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm
www.inessa.commardi gras antiques

Entertaining with Antiques: The Versatile Gateleg Table

Antique French EngravingAutumn has arrived! And with it comes many wonderful opportunities to entertain with friends & family. The antique gateleg table is a perfect versatile addition to any home this time of year. Use them in your kitchen, living room, or just about anywhere as extra serving space and as dining tables for authentic European country style. Smaller gateleg tables make perfect side tables for lamps to cozy up with a good book or for kids tables around the holidays. Keep one folded behind your sofa for a unique sofa table that is easy to convert into a serving piece for appetizers. They even serve as charming, rustic entry way consoles in between entertaining!

Antique gateleg tables 2 Antique gateleg tables

Antique Gate Leg TableAntique-18th-century-gate-leg-drop-leaf-table-1

We are fortunate enough to have a wide selection of 18th & 19th century European antique gateleg tables available right now. From petite side tables to full dining tables, these versatile pieces can be used in every room in the house!

Antique-country-french-gate-leg-drop-leaf-tableClick to shop antiquesAntique-gate-leg-drop-leaf-table

Antique-drop-leaf-gateleg-table-6 Antique-drop-leaf-gateleg-table-7 Antique-barley-twist-gate-leg-table

Wishing you all a lovely fall season!

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Antique Gifts for Mother’s Day~ Treasures to Remember

A mother’s love! O holy, boundless thing!
Fountain whose waters never cease to spring!
Falling like dew, when all beside is sleeping,
The flowers around in life and beauty steeping:
O Love! the lord of many springs thou art;
Thy deepest, purest, in a mother’s heart!

Exert from Affection, a poem by Marguerite Gardiner, countess of Blessington (1789-1849)

Antique French EngravingMother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, which means most of us are running around finding the perfect gift to express our love and gratitude for the special mother-figures in our lives. Consider antiques and antique accessories as the perfect answer to convey your appreciation for all their years of  love and support with a one of a kind treasure. We all know she deserves much more than a silk scarf or coffee mug.

Antique Accessories  French Furniture Store

The giving of antiques, even with the smallest pieces, symbolizes a long held promise of joy and splendor frozen in time with history captured and extended through new memories.

Antique Furniture Store Mother's Day

How about adding to her existing antique box collection or starting one for her, which you can add to on future special occasions? Antique boxes are as useful for storage as they are beautiful to behold.

Antique Accessories  French Furniture StoreAntique Accessories  French Furniture Store Antique Accessories  French Furniture Store

Instead of the tired traditional flowers or candle, why not encompass those beautiful temporary gifts with everlasting treasures like an antique vase, candle holder, or beautiful frame? Something as simple as antique plate, pitcher, or vase can give your mother years of enjoyment as she arranges flowers in the vase or pitcher and displays her collection of antique plates proudly in her home.

Antique Accessories  French Furniture Store Antique Accessories  French Furniture Store

Flowers fade, candles burn out ~ but these treasures live on, and with them, our messages of cherished love.

Visit our online store or our Dallas and Baton Rouge locations as they are brimming with classic treasures to make your Mother’s Day divine!

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 Inessa Stewart

Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you! The variety, artistry and history of the antiques and vintage pieces that surround us every day provide pleasure, beauty and sometimes even intrigue.

The classics never go out of style, and each era, country, and even artisan's interpretations create an environment that is always full of surprises.

It is truly a pleasure to bring such timeless style together for every client and follower of my blog. And of course, your input is always welcome!

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