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The French Tangerine

Antique Letter EngravingI hope everyone’s week is going well!  Ours started out quite busy and exciting as we received our latest container in our Baton Rouge showroom.  I will tell you about the container later on this week as we unpack more and have the chance to take more vignette photos.  Check out our Facebook page for some sneak previews until we post the blog.  Today I wanted to let you know about one of our great customers, who happened to be a fellow blogger ~ Jan Vrana whose blog is The French Tangerine.

The French Tangerine

If you have not discovered it yet, I do recommend it.  This blog is very inspiring and quite fun as she covers everything from decorating beautiful interiors to travelling, from shopping to gardening and antique collecting ~ all subjects close to my heart. She is also famous for her amazing collages, where you can easily see her passion for beautiful colors.  Her stunning mosaics with gorgeous images are created with such flair!  Below are just a few of my favorites… The French Tangerine

Light, airy, and so romantic~ Crisp and Cream

The French Tangerine

Blue has always been my favorite color ~ French Winter Blues


Yesterday while starting to read her post from last week- Friday, January 25 (always trying to catch up) I was so excited to see the antique pair of tapestry cartoons she purchased from us prominently featured in Jan’s bedroom!  (Tapestry cartoons were the paintings that served as the guides and inspirations for tapestry creators as they were weaving them on the looms).  I found this treasured pair featuring adorable cherubs in France last year and Jan spotted them on our online store~  It is so gratifying to see these beauties installed in the space, as they are truly of the perfect palette for her bedroom.

Come back and visit us soon so we can all enjoy discovering antiques, art and design!

If you want to learn more about Jan and her wonderful blog, click on the links below:

Jan’s Blog      Jan’s Facebook     Jan’s Pinerest

Inessa Stewart's Antiques & Interiors

Antique Engraving


As Promised ~ Our Antique Giveaway!

Antique Letter EngravingWe hope you are having a wonderful beginning of 2013!  We wish you a very happy and healthy time and remember – the best is yet to come!  This New Year’s first giveaway is (drum roll please) a lovely rustic antique kitchen scale we found in the French countryside. This set of balance scales is typical of those found in kitchens across Europe during the 19th century, and was the method by which many ingredients were measured for recipes ~ by weight.  The shallow pan held the certified weights, with the produce, grain or flour to be weighed going into the deep pan.  Cast iron below provided a sturdy, level base, in this case painted with the original white paint. Today such scales are very popular as decorative culinary accessories to create the charm and look of a European kitchen. I have one centered on my island usually filled with fresh seasonal fruit or vegetables.

Culinary Antique Scale Giveaway

We are so exited about all the New Year’s shipments that we would love to share our joy and celebrate with the first of the year’s giveaway, a charming rustic French antique kitchen scale.


The rules of our giveaway are always quite simple:

1. Go on our website to the New Antique Arrivals section (or just click HERE)

2. Comment on this blog below to tell us what are your favorite items and why.

3. For an additional chance to win, click HERE to go to like our Facebook page AND leave another comment. At this time, the contest is only open to the continental United States.

We appreciate all your wonderful reflections, remarks and look forward to reading them. One lucky winner will be announced at the end of next week. If you are new to our blog, please sign up to receive our frequent blogs, sale and shipment announcements and also have fun participating in many fun giveaways!

Inessa Stewart's Antiques & Interiors

Antique Pewter Tureen Giveaway

Antique Letter EngravingAs we gather around our dining tables to celebrate the season we look for memorable antique accessories to symbolize this special time with our family and friends.  Our Holiday Giveaway continues in this spirit with an antique pewter tureen, carol-inspired and topped with a pear finial as if it were perfectly designed for our very own Holiday table!

Antique Pewter Tureen Christmas Giveaway

Celebrating the twelve days of Christmas will be eloquently enhanced by the charm of this antique pewter centerpiece.  On our antique buying trips we seek out these precious culinary antiques which can add so much to our daily lives and seasonal celebrations.  These antique accessories were wonderfully created to take center stage at any time of the year, resulting in memories that will be warmly recalled and shared with family and friends for many seasons to come.

Antique Tureen Christmas Giveaway Closeup

I hope this charming centerpiece will add to your dearest family’s celebrations for years to come!

To enter, just comment below and like us on Facebook! For extra entries, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter and share this post on Facebook.

(Entrants must reside in the continental United States. The winner will be selected randomly.)

We will announce the winner at the end of next week! Check back with us frequently on FacebookTwitter, and our Blog for future giveaways, sales, and new arrivals!


 Merry Christmas to All!

 Inessa Stewart's Antiques and Interiors

 Inessa Stewart

Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you! The variety, artistry and history of the antiques and vintage pieces that surround us every day provide pleasure, beauty and sometimes even intrigue.

The classics never go out of style, and each era, country, and even artisan's interpretations create an environment that is always full of surprises.

It is truly a pleasure to bring such timeless style together for every client and follower of my blog. And of course, your input is always welcome!

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