19th Century Carved Chapel Altar with the Holy Family

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40H x 80W x 33D

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Carved Chapel Altar was found in a charming villa along the French border and features a remarkable display of full relief sculptures of the Holy Family, with cherubs and foliates and other religious symbols in abundance on the neoclassical-inspired architecture of the piece.  The back side has been fitted with cabinet doors that open to reveal large shallow drawers suitable for many purposes.  The wood used to create this masterwork was dense, old-growth indigenous white oak, so chosen for its hardness and propensity for producing artifacts that last for century after century.  We have no doubt that the descendants of the new lucky owner of this amazing work of devotion will continue to enjoy it well into the 22nd century and beyond!

Circa 1870s

Measures 40H x 80W x 33D