Mid-19th Century French Renaissance Raised Cabinet

2003-912249 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

64H x 44W x 21.5D

Location: Dallas


Mid-19th Century French Renaissance Raised Cabinet is a stunning example of the sculptor's art, with amazing detail in abundance from the boldly molded crown to the four finely carved urn pediments that serve as the legs for the piece, connected with a full width, subtly adorned shelf below for additional display.  The apron just above the aforementioned urns conceals a full width drawer carved with overlapping coin.  A gadrooned molding trim above the drawer separates the lower support section with the upper cabinet section, which is where the real artistry shines forth!  Angels with shields appear on both sides as well as on each of the two cabinet doors, with symbols dear to the heart of the patron who commissioned the work, including symbolism for Masons, the Sun, Moon and Stars, various tools of carpentry and metal working, and more.  The carvings are framed by full relief bounty-of-the-earth pilasters on each corner and the center stile, spewing forth from the mouths of Norsemen.  Above that are three revered ancestors in full relief with cherubs and Arabesque scrollwork on the panels between, crowned with egg & dart motif and an extended, multi-tier crown molding.  Such cabinets belonged to the head of the household, and would be used to store his most precious possessions, as well as be a source of pride to show off to any guests of the manoir!
Circa 1840-1850
Measures 64H x 44W x 21.5D

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