18th Century Doughbox (Petrin) Sofa Table ~ Sideboard

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30H x 45W x 23D

Location: Baton Rouge


18th Century Doughbox (Petrin) Sofa Table ~ Sideboard is a marvelous artifact from a bygone era, before the days of the big box supermarkets and the ubiquitous convenience store.  Everyone then had to make their own bread daily, or they simply went without.  As such all families owned a doughbox which served triple duty~ to provide a surface to work and knead the dough which later became a surface upon which anything could be placed for convenience, and thirdly to provide an enclosed dark proofing place for the dough to rise.  This example, rendered by the local barrel cooper, is essentially a half-barrel on legs with a plank top, the most basic iteration of the genre.  Rendered from solid old-growth well-seasoned pine to last for many generations!
Circa 1750s
Measures 30H x 45W x 23D