19th Century Country French Walnut Petrin ~ Doughbox

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37H x 39W x 17.5

Location: Dallas


19th Century Country French Walnut Petrin ~ Doughbox is a marvel of hand-crafted excellence, rendered in sumptuous hand-picked French walnut for timeless enjoyment!  The joys of life are sculpted in relief on the facade representing music and bounty of the earth themes, with notes visible on the sheet music!  Such piece were placed in a position of honor in the home, representing the source of daily sustenance in the form of freshly baked bread.  The flour would be prepared on top, then "proofed" inside twice, allowing the yeast to do its magic and make the dough rise.  Once baked, the bread would be usually completely consumed, with leftovers the next day used for French toast or feeding the pets and animals, while a new batch was being prepared!

Circa 1870s

Measures 37H x 39W x 17.5