19th Century Italian Neoclassical Louis XVI Marble Top Giltwood Oval Center Table

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31H x 48.5W x 31D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Italian Neoclassical Louis XVI Marble Top Giltwood Oval Center Table is a spectacular example of Belle Epoque craftsmanship from the finest furniture makers of Italy!  Scaled for a grand villa, it happens to be as deep as it is tall, and 1.5 times as wide, indicating the designer of the piece did this intentionally to create geometric harmony.  The framework was constructed with time-honored techniques, including cross bracing hidden under the marble dovetailed into the outer perimeter.  Greek wave motif was lavished in relief with the waves "meeting" at the center of each rounded apron section, interrupted by plinth blocks carved with acanthus rosettes above each of four legs.  The legs are an amazing departure from the norm, depicting quivers of arrows with the fletching just touching the aforementioned plinth blocks, and quatrefoil overlay adorning all four of the faceted, tapered sides.  An intriguing secondary plinth design is between the legs and fletching, depicting rings upon which a leather strap or cord would be drawn to shoulder the quiver, with urn shaped feet as a finishing touch.  The real show-stopper, however, is the lavishly sculpted urn bursting with flowers, garlands and swags that grace the elegantly formed stretchers below that connect all four legs adding beauty and strength to the design.  The gilded finish that has been applied to the entire framework including the carved detail has achieved a lovely patina over the century and a half of its existence, only accentuating the sculpted magnificence.   Fittingly, a choice piece of exquisitely veined marble was selected for the top, tastefully treated to a cove bevel all around for the ideal characteristic of carefree elegance.
Circa 1880s
Measures 31H x 48.5W x 31D

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