18th Century Rustic Door Repurposed as Coffee Table

2201-090318 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

18.5H x 67.5W x 31D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Rustic Door Repurposed as Coffee Table represents one of the most salient reasons why we like antiques so much!  The creators of this solid plank and timber door two and a half centuries ago would never have imagined it soldiering on in the 21st century as a piece of furniture.  The gnarly grain of the old growth oak only adds to the overall charm, and the door was reinforced on the back side with timbers dovetailed into the planks of the door, then nailed with large hand-forged iron nails.  It is apparent the makers of this door were instructed to make it as sturdy as possible!  So that we may continue to enjoy it for another century or two, a solid pine timber "A" frame structure has been mounted to the back side of the door to create the wonderful rustic table you see in this listing!
Circa 1760s
Measures 18.5H x 67.5W x 31D