18th Century Swedish Neoclassical Armoire with Inlay in Stripped Oak

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70H x 59W x 26D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Swedish Neoclassical Armoire with Inlay in Stripped Oak is a remarkable example of the cabinetmaker's art!  The artisans chose to hand-craft it from old-growth oak to literally last for centuries, as opposed to the typical pine.  On the back side we see huge planks hand-chamfered into the over-engineered framework creating a stout, solid casework that has already defied a couple of centuries and looks like it will easily defy two more!  The sides are intriguing, with bold corbel style feet transitioning into a substantial base, with pegged joinery evident in abundance.  The elongated side panel bears an inset diamond-shaped panel which has also been inlaid with a concentric sunburst pattern, utilizing several species of wood that appear to be sycamore and elm.  The bonnet viewed from the side is another combination of oak and sycamore expressing dentil trim with a gracefully contoured crown flaring out to another tier of dentil trim.  The bonnet rounds the cornerpost and transitions into the crown molding with three step-out sections, underneath which is more sycamore overlay but in a geometric pattern for intriguing visual appeal.  The cabinet doors below are almost matches of the side panels with the same treatment, and open to reveal an interesting interior appointment with clothes hooks on the side, and swiveling clothes hangers along the top back to make it easy to select one's clothing.  The broad base below also features the concentric sunburst inlay and is framed by the complex step-out molded detail matching the crown above.
Magnificent craftsmanship!
Circa 1790s
Measures 70H x 59W x 26D

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