19th Century Country French Armoire from Normandie

2202-1668 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

91H x 58W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Country French Armoire from Normandie is a classic example of the incredible craftsmanship developed in the region over the course of many centuries!  Dense, old-growth oak was selected for its longevity, and the rectilinear casework was established, but then the sculptors went to work.  The boldly carved crown molding presides majestically over the piece, and consists of no less than five tiers of distinct bordering patterns.  The bonnet spans the width and is festooned with spiraling foliates with wildflower accents, providing the background for the stunning full relief centerpiece which depicts an urn bursting with flowers.  And that's just the crown!  The doors below continue the astonishing sculpture relief, with emphatic acanthus fronds projecting out from the door facade, and set atop an undulating scrolled framework adorned with relief carvings of foliates for the upper panel decoration.  Each door has two panels framed by molding and trimmed with egg & dart, and separated by a scrolled centerpiece lavished with hand-carved floral and foliate motifs complementing the crown centerpiece above, and framed with three distinctive bordering motifs.  The apron below features the same spiraling foliates and flowers flanking a drapery motif, with a pair of scrolled legs carved with escargots providing support.  Even the center stile is beautifully carved, and attached to the left door so that when the doors are open, one has unencumbered access to the yawning interior, fitted with a hanging rod and shelf.
Circa 1850s
Measures 91H x 58W x 21.5D

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