19th Century Country French Painted Armoire

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88.5H x 56W x 23D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Country French Painted Armoire is a masterwork by the storied artisans of Normandie, where traditional craftsmanship has been handed down generation to generation for over a millennium!  This example, finely rendered from indigenous old-growth oak, features amazing detail in both the design of the intricately chamfered door panels as well as their embellishment with wildflowers and foliates that reflect the extraordinary natural beauty of the region.  A repeating wheat motif creates a border frame on the sides of the doors, with bold crown molding above and a sculpted apron below carved with more wildflowers and foliates.  Doors are mounted on externally fixed steel barrel hinges to allow them to open wide for easy access, with four shelves and five surfaces within to provide exceptional storage.  Even the lockworks are original, indicating the extra care in preservation this artifact has enjoyed at the beginning of its lifetime, as such heirloom pieces were created to last for centuries and highly revered by the families fortunate enough to own them.  The distressed painted finish creates a lovely facade that is perfect for blending with most any casual decor!
Circa 1840s
Measures 88.5H x 56W x 23D