19th Century Grand French Louis XVI Armoire in Stripped Oak

2002-912559 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

97.5H x 57W x 24D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Grand French Louis XVI Armoire in Stripped Oak stands over eight feet tall and nearly five feet in width!  Hand-crafted by master artisans, it features details only seen on the finest of French furnishings produced during the second half of the 19th century.  A classic Mansard style crown is separated from the main case by a row of hand-carved egg & dart molding trim.  The corners are not only rounded but fluted and reeded as well~ quite an accomplishment on a semi-circular cornerpost.  Fine molded detail even appears on the side panels.  The doors however, steal the show with exceptional frameworks above and below accentuating the carvings on the right symbolizing cartography, and on the left architecture in stunning relief.  Rosettes and brass hinges and key guards provide nice touches.  Inside, the panels have been trimmed out in molding, which represents a pride of craftsmanship and ownership not found today.  Fitted with hanging space on the left including a clothes rod recessed into the crown cavity, it features cubby shelves on the right and a single drawer at the bottom faced in finely figured elm wood.  Even the panels as viewed from the back side which are not seen in practice, exhibit the extraordinary level of craftsmanship in the meticulous fitting of the panels to their frameworks, and the hand-cut giant dovetail joint holding the casework together.
Truly a masterpiece of the cabinetmaker's art!
Circa 1880s
Measures 97.5H x 57W x 24D

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