Early 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Painted Armoire

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81H x 62.5W x 25D

Location: Dallas


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Early 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Painted Armoire represents the epitome of master Italian craftsmanship and artistry melded into one instant family heirloom!  First, the rectilinear classical architecture is immediately arresting when one first views this magnificent piece, but upon closer examination, one is amazed by the painted images that appear on the framed panels all around on both sides and the front, with paint used in a special technique to create a three dimensionality to the subjects.  The closets of their day, armoires such as this wonderful artifact can be used in a wide variety of functions, but just having it on display in the home is enough to warrant special lighting and placement for all to see and appreciate!  Note the hand-made lockworks inside the interior which is also painted.

Circa 1840s

Measures 81H x 62.5W x 25D