19th Century French Ebonized & Rosewood Cabinet

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62H x 39.5W x 15D; surface 32H

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Ebonized & Rosewood Cabinets like this example are becoming more rare every visit, not every year!  The ebonizing process was a painstaking, laborious process that impregnated the very pores of the wood to simulate the highly exotic, rare and extremely expensive ebony wood still available at the time, so enterprising French furniture makers simulated it then applied French polish plus rosewood panels, which were product of a very rare, exotic imported wood from the Americas that is no longer available.  Mirrors on the backsplash help reflect light onto the surfaces, of which there are three, with a modicum of carved and molded embellishment to appeal to the eye.  The cabinet doors below open to reveal surprising storage.
Circa 1860s
Measures 62H x 39.5W x 15D; surface 32H