Antique French Louis XIV Serpentine Buffet

2002-912418 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

41H x 75.5W x 25D

Location: Dallas


Antique French Louis XIV Serpentine Buffet is a study in master craftsmanship, with dimensions that will deceive you due to the step-front and serpentine architecture that also creates stunning visual impact!  Sculpted from solid oak, it features serpentine doors on the side cabinets that flow out to the bow-front, stepped-out center cabinet.  The side cabinets are lavished with stylized shell and foliate carvings in glorious relief, enhanced by an equally beautiful surrounding framework.  The center bowed-front door, however, steals the show with a breathtaking sculpture of musical instruments including a violin, horn, and tambourine, overlaid atop the symbols of French royalty ~ the torchere and carquois de fleche.  Intricate foliate carvings and frame treatment set the centerpiece apart.  The drawer tier is no less amazing, all rendered by a talented sculptor with stylized naturalistic forms, and subtle fleurs de lys motifs.  Brass keyguards and hinges finish the effect.
Circa 1890-1910
Measures 41H x 75.5W x 25D