19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Easel

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85H x 32W x 50D (with rear leg extended)

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Easel is truly a rare find indeed!  Sculpted from select, sumptuous French walnut with a natural finish that reveals the sheer intrinsic beauty of the prized wood, it has been hand-carved in three distinct areas in the Rococo manner so prized by Louis XV.  Starting with a shell and crest cartouche at the top of the arched crown, the shell seemingly is held aloft by two scrolls, with shell underneath for balance, and floral accents combining with gold painted highlights to intensify the effect.  The scrolls of the crown lead the eye to the shoulders which have been artfully carved with vertical, scrolled acanthus fronds with a floral accent, wrapping around the open area in a figure "8" to merge into the easel structure itself.  The top of the easel structure is carved with complementary shell, foliate and scrollwork on all three supports.  Moving down the structure one sees the upper clamp mount designed to hold a painting or framed artwork against the easel, and it has been sculpted from a solid block of walnut with shell and foliate motifs and subtle gold highlights.  Below that is the tray, which has not escaped the sculptor's talents, featuring a reversed double arch apron festooned with shell, floral and foliates to complement the crown above.  Even the lower  stretcher has been beautifully carved, as well as each foot tip, making this easel a work of art even before one displays a painting or framed tapestry upon it!
Circa 1880s
Measures 85H x 32W x 50D (with rear leg extended)

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