18th Century Carving of Jesus ~ Supper at Emmaus

2003-912134 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

39.5H x 22W x 5.5D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Carving of Jesus ~ Supper at Emmaus has been glorified by artists for centuries, including Duccio, Caravaggio, Breughel and Rembrandt. It is the first documented appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection.  Here is depicted the moment Jesus revealed Himself to his two companions, fulfilling the scriptures.  The artifact was designed as a tabernacle door, and used to be hinged with a lock to secure the Holy Sacrament.  The keyhole can be seen in one of the detail shots between the feet of the seated Jesus.  The entire facade is bowed with the sculpture carved into the wood in full relief, framed by an arched opening adorned with a finely set table below and draperies in the arch.  The object above the head of Jesus is a Baroque style incense burner common in cathedrals across Europe for the past several centuries.
Circa 1750s
Measures 39.5H x 22W x 5.5D